To Microsoft: Add Microsoft Office to the XBox

You didn’t read that wrong, no. This is kind of an idea I was just thinking about now. A couple of months ago I wrote about how much I like Xbox and specifically how enjoyable and useful it is to have Internet Explorer on the Xbox. Surfing the web with a USB keyboard on the Xbox is a joy and I would honestly like to see Microsoft Office on my Xbox. I think that typing documents, editing spreadsheets, and creating presentations on the Xbox would be a really useful feature. It wouldn’t be for all occasions, but sometimes it would come in useful and since Microsoft already has an in the cloud syncing service, you’d have all your documents already there on Skydrive. I think this is a great idea. I hope Microsoft is considering this even if it’s just for a minority of their customers. Aside from a full Microsoft Office suite, being able to view presentations on an Xbox would be an interesting enterprise. Just something to think about. Does anyone agree?