A Response to Om Malik’s Article | Google Keep v. Evernote

Thanks Google Keep! EverNote sees uptick in downloads, usage

The fact of the matter is that Google Keep’s introduction into the market is great for the market as a whole. It took a while for such things as the digital To-Do list, and the digital Calendar to catch on. It’s about the same situation for the digital notes application market. Sure users of the iPhone are used to jotting down light notes in the notes application and people in general are used to taking notes on post its and paper in general, but, as far as digital notes goes, I think it’s still a young market. We’re definitely entering an era of the digitization of the remaining paper elements in our world and notes make up a big part of this. The fact is that Evernote is great for so many people. It’s a note-taking application on the surface, but its uses are seemingly endless (one of the concepts behind endless progression). Evernote for me has really become the place where I store documents of all kinds just because the OCR technology in Evernote is so mature. All of that being said, I really like Google Keep. As with any platform, with greater maturity comes more features, but less simplicity. Google Keep as you would expect is simplicity at it’s greatest. Simply put, its interface is very simple and elegant. It makes you want to use it, whereas if you try to make use of all of the features in Evernote, it can become a little overwhelming. I’m happy that Evernote is being received by a greater audience, but I’m also happy that Google Keep is receiving attention. It’s a service I’d like to see mature. Though the fact is that with Google Reader’s impending cancellation, I become a little weary of Google’s tolerance to cutting off services that do not become widely accepted. That’s a post for another time though. I would suggest that everyone check out Google Keep for Android because I’ve enjoyed using it in the past week and it has a great interface.