The Future of 3D Printers: Parts/Components and Electronic Delivery

For me 3D printers are really going to be the future of spare parts/components and electronic delivery. Everyone’s probably heard of 3D printers as of recently because of the proliferation of blueprints for a 3D printed gun. The fact is that 3D printers have been around for quite some time now, but haven’t really made their way to homes because of high prices, a lack of demand, a lack of consumer grade option. It’s likely that this will start to change in the near future and where I really see the value of 3D printers is in spare parts. Let’s say for instance that you need a screw to a particular piece of furniture in your home. Imagine if you could go over to the manufacturer’s website and download the specs for a replacement screw, then print it out. I think this is immensely useful. Aside from this, I imagine that many products will be sold in the form of electronic delivery that once couldn’t be. Of course, we know that things such as tickets, have been sold electronically for years now, but this really takes it one step above and what it really means is almost instant delivery of a product through 3D printing. Now, of course, most of these 3D printers require some substantial time in order to complete a job, but with an increase in demand and efficiency time to completion is likely to decrease quite quickly as the years go by. There is definitely space in this emerging market for start-ups to capitalize on the market and technology enthusiasts demand.